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The definition of learning objectives is (or should be) the foundation of any instructional design. They are integral determining factor maillot de foot nike of strategies and Instructional design model and methods, pedagocial scenarios and lesson plans.Learning objectives when attained should be observable behaviours or actions. Words used to define learning objectives are often teacher […]

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In ‘Des Réalités collectives’ of 1958 (‘Collective Realities’, reprinted in 1960: Les Nouveaux Réalistes, pp.259 60) he acknowledged that he occasionally tore the surface of the posters himself, although he subsequently restricted interventions to repairs during the mounting process. The large blue and green advertisements for Radinola (at the top right and lower left) provide […]

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The 3D VEROS project aims at using High Precision Terrestrial Laser Scanner to improve our understanding of the present day dynamics of various geomorphological environments. This project started in 2009 when the OSUR acquired a Leica Scanstation 2. Since then we have been building databases of high resolution surveys aiming at capturing the impact of […]